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I have a confession to make…I really love beautiful things…capturing true emotions, the smile a bride and groom get when they see each other for the first time, the love in the air you can feel the whole day on a wedding day! I love it all! Being a wedding photographer is truly a gift and I can’t wait to hear your LOVE story!

Life gives us all sorts of amazing moments, but if you look a bit closer you'll see that they're made up of so much emotion and magic. Bottling this magic for you to treasure decades from now is what I LOVE about what I do!

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Christmas 2012 I met Joe. We had a whirlwind romance lol! He was in the military and the first 6 months of our relationship were spent apart. Eventually we just couldn't be apart any longer and he proposed the day I moved to live in New Brunswick with him. I spent months trying to plan a wedding but our lives at the time were just too unpredictable. October 11, 2013 we ELOPED and were married at the Court House in Downtown Fredericton!

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