Engagement | Hayley + Jamie

I first met these two back in January! They are both restaurant managers so life is busy!! (But naturally I'm thinking, yum...all our meetings will be at restaurants lol) and we have had some tasty lunches together. Their engagement story is so sweet and funny at the same time. Jamie loves to golf so one day he brought Hayley along with him (shes not so much into golf but loves him so much she went for it) Jamie hid the ring in the 18th hole and organized a photographer to come capture the moment. Hayley reached down to get her ball...finding the ring instead. So the moment came! Hayley went to get her ball and saw a jewelry box and when she looked up she saw someone running through the bushes with a camera! She told Jamie they had to get out of there because someone was getting engaged!....

How amazing is that story! It will make anyone laugh and its just so Hayley and Jamie! You two are an amazing couple! So full of goofiness and love for each other! Their engagement session just showed even more of who they are as a couple and they basically laughed the whole time. They wanted a more urban feel so we all met at El Cortez for a mexican dinner and oh man it was so good! Afterwards we walked around Whyte Ave. Down alley ways with cool graffiti and finished at MKT Beer market for some last minute drinks and to relax. It was a amazing evening! Now this coming weekend its their wedding day! I just know it will be full of joy, love and some extreme goofiness and its going to be amazing!

Thank you to the Following Restaurants for allowing us to take photos:

El Cortez Tequila Bar and Kitchen

MKT Beer Market