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Pancake Breakfast | Lifestyle Session

Have you ever wished you had captured the real life moments? The ones that you never think to take photos of but are a special family tradition. Lifestyle sessions are exactly that! These types of sessions focus on the genuine emotions, love and joy that happens when a family comes together to share an experience. It can be anything that you love doing together as a family! Playing sports, baking, going for a walk at the park, playing ball with your kids, morning routines or bed time routines...literally anything that you do together! A couple weeks ago I placed a model call for a family to participate in a lifestyle pancake breakfast session! I thought hey!! A family with toddlers will for sure have a fun, messy time doing this together!! Boy was I right! lol

Monica invited me into her home where I met her husband Sam and her two amazing children Matilda and Mateo! (also how cute are those names!....and their faces are also the sweetest). They got to work prepping fresh fruit and pancake batter. Mateo and Matilda both wanted a taste of the pancake batter and also snacked on some yummy fruit while they helped their parents cook. Matilda was even able to cook her own pancakes, including her own mini one! lol. Once all the cooking was done Matilda just couldn't wait to dive in! With all the food made the whole family sat down for their Sunday pancake breakfast with oldies playing in the background. It just brought so many smiles to everyone.

When you're a photographer and you're able to capture memories for people like this it just warms your heart. Its just so special because now they have these memories forever. They are able to look back and see the real life family they are. Thank you so much Monica and family for inviting me to take your photos!

I hope you all enjoy the amazing photos!!

Tori xo

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