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A Spring Family Session

Family portrait sessions are always so special! Krista sent me a message back in the winter and we kept juggling with the idea to shoot in the studio or out doors. I'm so happy we waited! For Krista's sweet family, this was their first professional session and I really wanted to make sure it was extra special for them. Their three babies were all just so full of smiles. They were excited to be there and were just so amazing to work with.

We decided to meet at the government house in down town Fredericton NB. Its a very secluded spot with not too much traffic so its perfect for photos. It has a long white fence, blossoming trees and runs along a river. We spent an hour together and I'm pretty sure the promise of ice cream after wards was what made their kids so perfect lol! Thank you to this sweet family for trusting me to capture their family! I can't wait to see you guys again soon!

Tori xo

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