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Jenna + Zoran

Jenna and Zoran are just the sweetest couple! Probably the most easy going couple I've ever met lol. We had been trying to organize their engagement for a while and if it wasn't weather holding us back it was busy schedules or travel plans lol. Finally we had amazing weather and they asked me if we could include a waterfall. I researched all the waterfalls in the area (and there are a TON!) I was looking for something pretty and accessible. Welsford Falls in Welsford NB sounded like it fit! It is about 40 mins from Fredericton and is nestled in the hills on route to Saint John.

We had a little map from google that we were following but there weren't clear directions lol. We walked about 20 mins in the wrong direction in the woods before we realized we were heading in the wrong direction lol (ie. we could see a highway in front of us). So we trekked back and finally found our way around. The path was a little rocky at first but near the waterfall it got so steep we needed a rope to climb down. Oh!!! Did I mention they had their little man Luka with them! He is just the cutest 11 month old you will ever see! They also invited along Zorans twin brother and his new fiance! (aka baby sitters lol).

We spent an hour photographing this sweet couple at the waterfall! They were amazing and didn't hesitate to standing and walk in the water. This waterfall was gorgeous with tons of greenery around and the sun popped out once in a while to give us a pretty glow to the images. Thank you for a super fun adventure you two!! It was so incredible and I just know your wedding in August will be just amazing!!

Have the best day!!

Tori xo


Big thanks to my second shooter Jordan for coming to help out! @Jordan Julianna Photography

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