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Lindsey & Greg

Lindsey is just the most creative person you'll ever meet. She makes so many things herself. She made her bridesmaids gifts, all of the wedding favours, all of the table centre pieces and more. Lindsey and Greg make the perfect couple. One of the games during the reception to get them to kiss was trivia. As you guessed it, it was all embarrassing but Greg got the most of it lol. But by the end of it you had a pretty great idea of who they were as a couple. From the very beginning this wedding was a little different. They had planned on having their ceremony at a Hops farm. I had no idea what that was until they told me about it. Hops make beer...that's basically all I know about them lol...and the fact that they are amazing to take pictures of! They are huge and when they bloom they really fill out. Lindsey and Greg planned on getting married in front of them and it was incredible. Lindsey made the macrame backdrop herself for the ceremony and it was the perfect touch. This amazing couple wanted every one to have a good time and from the second you got to the ceremony there was a cold drink waiting for you. They also have the sweetest little boy Winston. Boy did that little guy run down the aisle as fast as he could lol. Right to his daddy! They had a short and sweet ceremony and then it was party time! Harvey NB is a small community that comes together when something special comes along. I saw so many ladies bringing in bowls of salads and home made deserts. Its so sweet to see how it all came together. Lindsey and are surrounded by so much love and happiness. I wish you both a lifetime of joy and love!

Tori xo