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Lindsey & Willy

Lindsey and Willy are probably the most patient and most relaxed couple I've ever met! Their wedding day had some pretty odd obstacles lol...Ones I've never experienced with any of my couples lol. Even their trip here didn't come easy. Between a lost then found engagement ring, only to be resized 3 sizes too small, to an error in tailoring of the grooms tux....and many more bizarre things lol, this couple made it! Their wedding was AMAZING! They had so many family and friends travel from all over Canada to meet them in Saint Andrews NB to celebrate with them! It was a huge party!

This couple has a lifetime of good luck ahead of them. Not only did it start raining just before the first look, 2 of the bridesmaids dresses broke. Some how the zippers decided to split on them. So...ALL of the bridesmaids sewed their dresses on lol Way to cover your butts ladies! To top it all off, when I was literally 2 poses away from finishing bride and groom portraits for the day, poor sweet Lindsey got pooped on by a bird! Right on top of her head! So...when I say this couple has enough good luck to last a life time, I mean it! lol

Their ceremony was beautiful. They decided to have it inside of their reception venue (Ticklebelly Hill). Their whole theme was rustic and it was gorgeous! All of the wooden decor was made by her dad. Even the place settings for each guest had a wooden name tag. From the very beginning to the very end Lindsey and Willy made all of their guests feel so special and loved. I wish they didn't live in AB because they have become such sweet friends. Congratulations you two!! You are such an amazing couple and I just know you will have a life full of love and happiness ahead!

Tori xo



Venue: Ticklebelly Hill

Hotel: Saint Andrews Inn & Suites

Florist: The Flower Pot

Hair and Makeup: Rose Dionne, Melanie St. Pierre, Virginia Bourdages

DJ: Dave Ferdinand

Catering: Sandro's Catering

Gown: Sophia Tolli

Bridesmaids dresses: Davids Bridal

Mens Attire: Daniel Hetcher

Wedding Band: Vera Wang

Engagement Ring/Grooms Ring: Peoples

Officiant: Leah Tonner