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Jaime + Blake

These are some very different times we are living in right now. With so much uncertainty in the world we are learning to focus on ourselves and the ones we love more and more each day. As a wedding photographer I am not really sure what the future holds for my 2020 couples but I know I will be there for them every step of the way. They all deserve the wedding of their dreams and it is my mission to help them with any obstacles that pop up.

Jaime and Blake are getting married this August. They are two of the most fun and hilarious people I have ever met. They literally did anything I asked lol! We went on a 2 hour adventure through Irving Nature Park in Saint John. This place is one of my favourite places to shoot, not just because its on the ocean but there's also so much variety and gorgeous landscape. We walked on the beach, strolled through tall grass and explored the mud flats (sounds gross but it's not lol). So enjoy browsing through this super sweet engagement session, complete with puppy smiles lol. It was so much fun and I can't wait to photograph these two on their wedding day.

*hugs Tori xo

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