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Michaela + Colin

It's very rare to get one of those rainy wet days on a wedding day but about a week ago that's what the weather man had planned for these two. Thankfully Michaela and Colin had planned to have their wedding at their families home and it was beyond gorgeous! They had every little detail planned. The decor was amazing, her mom was so crafty and talented. She made almost all of the decorations, the bouquets and boutonnieres. Everything was just perfect! There were so many special moments through out the day. Her nephew panted the box that held the rings, Michaela added her grandmothers locket to her bouquet, Her dad married them, they had a surprise video from Colin's family from the people who couldn't make it and it was just amazing how every single person came together and was so helpful.

You two had the most amazing day and I'm so happy I was able to be there to capture all the special memories for you! I wish you both a lifetime of adventures, love and happiness!

Tori xo