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documenting your new life with your newest little addition!

Lifestyle Newborn sessions are full of emotion and intimate moments of love. They aim to capture the joy and love you feel as you welcome your sweet, little bundle of joy. During a lifestyle session you have a chance to relax and just snuggle your new baby, capturing the home you and your partner have built for this itty bitty little being you created together. They’re designed to give you the opportunity to reflect on your love for one another and your new, heart exploding love for this tiny new human. 

Lifestyle newborn photography is personal. They take place in your home, in your space – the place you spend the most time as a family. Sessions generally occur in the living room, mom and dad’s bedroom, and baby’s nursery.

Doggett Newborn Session - Tori Claire Photography-2492.jpg


For those more ‘sleepy’ photos, I recommend we do the session around 10-14 days of age. This isn’t a hard and fast rule – some babies are always unsettled, and others are sleepy and chill for weeks! But generally babies tend to still be quite sleepy at this age, and they haven’t broken out in baby acne yet.

But if your baby is older, please don’t worry at all! The beauty of lifestyle newborn photography is that the photos are more about the connection between you and your children, rather than the more posed studio photos you often see. So if bubs is awake and looking up at you, these photos can be just as gorgeous!

Plus!...I've photographed babies almost 3 weeks old and captured some pretty cute first baby smiles!


Don’t stress over your house being a little messy—you just had a baby!  All you need to do to prepare is open the blinds/curtains to let in as much light as possible.  Do a quick declutter of the nursery, master bedroom, living room and I'll generally move things around the area I'm shooting so that your home will appear to be spotless in the photos. I've arrived at some homes where everything was pushed in to a guest bedroom lol.  The only thing I will ask you to do is have your bed made with a neutral quilt/comforter on top. Your bed makes for a great place for cuddly family photos!

Alaina - Tori Claire Photography-5951.jpg


I recommend keeping it simple and comfortable. Neutral, light (creams, whites, earth tones, grays or pastel tones) work best as they don't take away from the natural beauty of your baby.   You can add pops of color to your outfit, if you wish, by using jewelry or accessories. For your partner, the same recommendations apply.

Miller Newborn Session - Tori Claire Photography-1439.jpg


Andrea + Marcus Maternity - Tori Claire Photography-0769.jpg
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