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  • Tori Agius

Lauren + Brock's Beautiful Estate Wedding!

Lauren and Brocks wedding touches my heart on a whole different level. Every wedding I capture is so special but this time it was for family and I could not have been more honoured to be there for them. It led to many more tears than I usually shed, more laughs and hugs than I usually get to share, and the whole experience just left my heart so full of love and happiness. Our dads come from a family of 4 brothers and I truly feel like our family is just the sweetest, most kind, over the top loving and caring people you will ever meet.

I remember the day Lauren asked me to be their photographer. I was shopping with my family and I remember turning to Joe (my husband) with the BIGGEST smile, after reading her message and I remember saying YES 1000000000x to her lol.

Lauren and Brock planned the most beautiful day at Stonewall Estates in Ontario. Everything from the flowers, the decor, her dress, the music and food was perfect in every way. Her sweet grandmother was able to make it and those photos will just melt your heart. I honestly could not tell you what my favourite part of the day was. I don't know if it was her brother holding back tears, her dad seeing her for the first time, learning Lauren and Brock are going to be an Auntie and Uncle, their super sweet vows to eachother, the look of love they both give eachother throughout the day and just so many more moments in between. Their whole day was filled with so much love, joy and happiness!

Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart for asking me to be there. It was so special!! Congratulations you two!!!

Love Tori xo


Vendor Love:

Second Shooter: @amymcewanphotography

Videographer: @davetebbuttfilms

Coordination: @em_stonewallestates

Bridesmaids: @billy_j_boutique

Groomsmen: TBC


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