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Nikki + Jon

Nikki and Jon got to celebrate their love at their second wedding on Sunday and it was SO MUCH FUN! They waited so long to spend their big day with their family and friends and it finally happened! Last year they got married about 3 hours away at the NB PEI border with the ocean in the background. We melted that day but it was so worth it. That day was so full of love and special memories. Celebrating your 1st anniversary with a vow renewal wedding is the perfect way to wrap up all the wedding plans that were put on hold for the last 16 months. These are two of the sweetest people you will ever meet. They are both so thoughtful, loving and kind. A couple weeks ago Nikki sent me a video of them driving around their little town of Hampton NB. They showed me the cutest spots! So we went to all of them for their photos! Their day was so full of love and laughter and I know they put their heart and souls into all of the planning. Before every wedding I send my couples a big questionnaire to prepare for the day. One of my questions is if they have any special songs...This is what Nikki wrote and it got me a little teary lol...(although that's not hard to do lol). I thought it was just the sweetest thing!

"Jon and I's first dance song will be “all of me” by John Legend. The song was very popular in the summer of 2014. Right around our 1st anniversary as a couple, we heard it playing while we went on an ice cream date. I looked at him and said “this song, I want it to be our first dance song at our wedding” he smiled and said “I love it!” Since then we typically put at the bottom of cards or little love notes to each other “all of me, loves all of you”. It’s become our forever song. 💕"

Every wedding I go to I try to take it all in. I imagine all the hard work that couples go through, I appreciate all the little details and I see all the love that has gone into the entire day. Nikki and Jon, thank you so much for asking me to capture not 1 BUT both of your weddings. I love you both and I wish you both all the happiness in the world!

Happy 1st Anniversary Guys!

Love Tori xo



Second Photographer: Hannah Robinson

Brides Dress: Opportunity Bridal

Venue: Hampton Resource Centre

Videographer: Zach Lakes Productions

Bridesmaids Dresses: Chavah Lindsay

Groomsmen: Moores

Invitations: Vistaprint


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